Date Night

Last year when Paul broke his wrist one of his nurses told us about a hotel that does a Steak and Seafood Buffet on Friday and Saturday evenings.
We just recently got around to going and it was amazing. A*M*A*Z*I*N*G

We dressed up and made a special date out of it. It is expensive, but so, so worth it!
We were impressed with the quality and selection of food - even the dessert was incredible. In fact, it was the best restaurant dessert either of us had ever had.
We tried carrot cake, pecan pie and cheesecake, and they were as good - or better than! - homemade.

The salad bar and the pasta bar weren't very impressive, but who goes to a Steak and Seafood buffet to eat pasta or salad?!

I tried crab legs for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. They were pretty good, and it was really fun to sit and chat with Paul and crack crab legs.

Cell phone pics of the food:


Kristin said...

Yum. That looks good. We need to go out soon. I forgot how tied-to-home having an infant makes you (or, at least, that's how it makes us). He's almost 5 months now, I could probably leave him for 2 hours without having a panic attack!

Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

That sounds like a nice date!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

That looks DELICIOUS!!! Crab legs are my favorite food ever. My hubby puts them on the grill and it just adds so much more flavor MMMMMM....I'm a rare steak eater, too and the combo of pics has my mouth watering. Too bad it's only 8 am! LOL

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