This is my current favorite grocery item - it has been on sale for $3.50 for the past few weeks at our grocery store and you can't beat the price - Avocados are $1+ each and this Guacamole is made from FIVE avocados! It doesn't have any artificial ingredients and it tastes as good as the homemade stuff.
Wesley loves eating it by the spoonful and the rest of us enjoy it with chips or on turkey sandwiches. If you enjoy guacamole and haven't yet tried this product I would highly recommend it.


Shannon said...

hey jess, what store is it from?
my mom is obsessed with the stuff.. :)

BeckeyZ said...

Alas, I cannot eat the guac anymore. I developed an allergy to avacados when I was about 20. Now if I eat it, my mouth and throat break out in very uncomfortable hives.

My dad used to make a tuna salad with guacamole and he would fix us sandwiches and call them grasshopper sandwiches. I loved them. One of my favorite childhood memories.

Kristin said...

Not related to guacamole but here's a good deal for you: http://www.schwans.com/promos/freefood/freeFoodBegin.aspx

I really like Schwan's food (especially the ice cream) but don't order it because it is pretty expensive. Free food is good food!

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