So Long, Fair Well

After four delightful weeks my brother flew out this morning. It was suppose to of been last evening, but we live in a relatively small city with a very small airport and stuff happens. So after he spent a few hours at the airport they told him he couldn't fly and he got to spend one last evening with us. Playing Settlers of Catan. In the four weeks he was here we played that game about twice a day. I loved it. And am going to miss that.
And, of course, him.

There's nothing like having someone seven years younger than you, at the height of the latest technology, movies and artists, to make you feel old.
I won't miss that part. The feeling old part.

One day we were talking about AIM - the instant messenger Paul and I primarily used to keep in touch with each other before we got married and the one that pretty much all of our friends had at that time too. Caleb said "I've heard of it before. I think. But I've never used it."

He talked about AIM the way I would talk about an 8 Track.
And that makes me feel funny.
And old.


Kim said...

LOL - it's funny how such a small amount of time makes such a big difference, huh?

I remember my first instant messaging account - it was ICQ, and I had a 5 digit number. I was in grade 8.

It must have been nice to have your brother around - the boys must have LOVED it!

Catherine said...

Wow, young people do not know what AIM is? Holy cow.

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