Judah is all about playing games - daily he requests "Play a game with me mommy?"
Of all the games we have I think Topple is my favorite. It's a great game for teaching him balance and coordination. And it's kind of fun to play it with him.


Jessica said...

This one looks fun!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

We play Topple a lot around here, too! It got too easy so I bought a second Topple game and now we use the pieces from both sets to play.

mum said...

I'm impressed you can even balance it on the rug!!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Enjoy those fun times(and I know you are) Just look at my boy and see how fast they grow up! Let me know when you might be ready for the swap. I would love to help and participate any way I can. It was so good to see you all the other night and I know meant so much for Blaine that you all came. Jackie

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