Judah Funny

The other night as I was rocking Judah before putting him in bed he stroked my face lovingly and said; "Mamma is so handsome."

Then the little rascal stroked his own face and said quite seriously; "Judah is so bootiful."


Sis said...

That kid cracks me up! I'm dying to see him again!

Keetha Broyles said...

OH MY WORD!!!! I'm watching an Episode of a Bobby Flay Throw Down, it's in Austin TX and it's featuring the "Casserole Queens"

They just showed the queens delivering a casserole to a mom and her little boy and I SWEAR I have the TV on PAUSE while I came to your blog to COMPARE pictures because it looks JUST LIKE YOU AND JUDAH. Her hair is a little lighter - - - but hair color is easily changed.

You live in Georgia, so I guess is isn't you, but man or man, I was SURE it was!!!

Even hubby says Judah looks just like the little guy on the TV.

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