Peacock Crossing

I want to get a sign for our street that says "Peacock Crossing."

Our neighborhood has a wild peacock that has taken up residence at a couple different homes in the neighborhood. I have taken my camera out several times to get pictures of it and can never find it when I have the camera with me and yet FOUR times now it has crossed the street right in front of me when I didn't have my nice camera.

I snapped this picture with my cell phone camera, which is very poor quality.
Hopefully some day I will be able to find him when I have my camera with me, he is beautiful!


Jessica said...

That's amazing! I'd LOVE that! We have random wildlife out here in the country sometimes, but I've yet to see a peacock. We have foxes sometimes, and wild turkeys (UGLY), and deer, of course, but no peacocks. I think I've seen a coyote, too, which freaked me out.

Oh, and this is totally weird and I hope it's not freaky to you, but I got a package of Kroger's Comforts diapers today, and the baby on the package reminded me so much of Wesley that I HAD to remember to tell you. I don't know if you shop at Kroger at all, but it might be worth stopping in to see if the Comforts baby looks like him to you. =)

Brandy said...

Does he have a real nice tail to spread?

You really should just keep the nice camera hung around your neck all the time ;)

Nicole said...

Awesome! One day when we have land I'm going to get a couple peacocks :o)

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