The Winner

A star fish we found on the beach

Random.org picked #5 which is Leah - my cousin-in-law - as the winner of the Seed's Family Worship cd - congrats Leah!! I'll get that off to you soon. I wish I had enough copies to send everyone one of the cds!

The cd has been played every day here for the past several days and we truly LOVE it. Judah has even started to pick up some of the lines and it is wonderful knowing that he is learning Bible verses. I would highly encourage anyone interested in this to purchase it for themself. It is available on iTunes as well as at www.seedsfamilyworship.net and Christianbook.com - which is where I bought mine from.

We are off to the beach again tomorrow, we're all excited!
Judah especially.
Here he is last week at the beach:

And one my brother took of me - I just wish Paul and the boys had been in the picture too, it is such a beautiful background for a family picture!


Bethany said...

Is that an alive star fish? Neat photo! Too bad I didn't win... That means I'll have to buy one.

Amanda said...

Craig is extremely disappointed... hehehehe... he couldn't wait for me to check. Anyways, I've told some people at work about it and I think we'll buying the CDs now. Thanks so much for sharing.

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Love the beach pictures. Where do you all go? I am headed your way tomorrow. Maybe we can see each other this time. I am doing food for an art show at the Morris for some of the students. Got to get up from here and get busy. Friday I am planning on trying to look at some sewing machines, and whatever. Jackie

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