Double Stroller Review

After Wesley was born the ladies at church hosted a baby shower for us and the group gift was this double stroller. Paul and I spent some time researching double strollers and testing them out in the store - it was important to find one with high enough handles for Paul to comfortably push and one with plenty of storage space.

This Tandem stroller met the bill and beyond. We have had this stroller for over a year now and still love it.

*The seats can be positioned in 4 different positions. I LOVE this feature so much. 99% of the time I keep the boys facing each other. They chatter to each other, make faces at each other and entertain themselves (and me!). But anytime they get ornery and start picking on each other I flip one of them around so they can't look at each other. When they are facing each other their feet are all over each other as there isn't a lot of space for them to both be facing the same way, for some reason my boys don't mind this.
It also comes with an infant car seat bar that you can put on and then just put the car seat on top of.

*There is lots of storage space! There are two deep cup holders and a key holder built into the handle bar. The key holder is quite spacious and can hold my keys and phone and cash. The basket underneath the stroller is as long as the stroller frame. It is easily assessable from the back (where the handle bar is) and from the front end, but it is a little more challenging to get anything that ends up in the middle of the stroller basket - which really isn't a big deal since it is a perfect spot for things like shopping bags or beach towels that aren't immediately needed.

*It folds up easily and compactly - or at least I think so. We have an Aztec and it fits very easily in the back of our vehicle with plenty of room to spare. The seats need to be taken off each time you fold the stroller up, but they snap off and on quite easily that it really isn't a big deal.

*Because it is long, and not wide, it easily fits anywhere. There have been a few situations where the length of it has required us to back it up in a tight situation rather than be able to turn it around, but it pushes quite easily and fits almost everywhere.

*The seats recline for the kids to nap - not that my kids nap in public. But if my kids DID sleep in public the seats do recline quite nicely and it's a nice feature. And the shade covers cover up quite a bit - all but their toes get covered.

The Not So Great:
*It is a bit on the heavy side. I quickly checked out a few other double strollers and their weights ranged from 34-45lbs. This one is 53lbs! In the early days after I had given birth it was HARD to pick this up and put it in the back of our car. It's definitely not a lightweight stroller and takes some effort to move. But on the bright side, you can count it as an arm workout when you load/unload it - right?!!?

*The wheels seem cheap. The wheels snap into place and while we haven't really had issues with them, they just seem cheap and like they could have been better constructed.

*The seats are lined with a felt type fabric and it seems like a really hot/sweaty fabric to have on a stroller behind their heads and necks. There is a neck pillow that comes with it made of the same fabric and I removed it since they were just sweating with it in place.

*There is a safety bar that snaps into place in front of them (the seats have a 5 point harness) - if you mindlessly snap the safety bar in place it is VERY EASY to pinch your finger. And it would be easy for little ones fingers to be pinched too.

I have put off reviewing this stroller as I wanted to see how much I liked it after we'd had it for awhile - and after one year of use I can honestly say that I am very pleased with our choice and grateful for this gift!! I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone else looking for a double stroller.

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