How to Make Cappucinnos... I think

Does anyone else see the head of a bunny on the top of this cappuccino? I noticed that after I took the picture and thought it was kind of funny =)

Monday night we were invited over to a friends house for dinner. Her mother was in town and was cooking a special dinner complete with cappucinno's with dessert. I only sipped at Paul's as caffeine in the evenings and I don't mix well, but it inspired me and I have been making my own cappuccinos at home since then :)

It is fairly simple to do.

Start with brewing a pot of strong coffee.
Bring some milk to a boil.
Pour coffee into your mug, leaving several inches at the top.
Add sugar to your coffee.
Pour the amount of milk you will need for your mug into a smaller bowl or another mug and froth with an electric frother thing.
Add the frothed milk to your mug of coffee and sprinkle cinnamon on top.
Stare at the top until you see what design appears in the top of your mug.

I don't know how you're suppose to make real cappuccinos, and if you regularly make real ones and reading these instructions made you laugh at me, then this obviously wasn't written for you :) I suppose I should google it to see if there is a proper way for this to be done - but this way TOTALLY WORKS FOR ME!

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Keetha Broyles said...

I do! I do!!

In FACT - - - I think it looks like the PLAYBOY bunny!

Shannon said...

that sounds about right, in germany that is the thing to make when we have a guest over :) "would you like a cappuccino?" "let me make you one"
we didnt have an electric mixer we have this glass thing you pump up and down to make it froth!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

It does look like the playboy bunny logo! I don't know how to make cappuccinos, but you recipe sounds pretty darn good! We recently bought one of those Keurig single cup coffeemakers, which I LOVE!!! But, I bought some different coffee samples and one of them is just too strong for my tastes. I'm thinking if I use that coffee in this recipe, it might just work!

Sis said...

Mmm! I'm going to go make one with instant coffee :-p That's all that's at work :-p

Ally D said...

Well it should really be an espresso shot rather than starting with a strong pot of coffee, but it's hard keeping seperate beans in the house just for cappucinos. The hand pumps are a cheap way to get frothy milk if you don't have a steamer on hand too. I miss being a barista. :o)
It's totally a bunny.

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