A Flower Boy

While we were leaving Charleston we stopped at a gas station and a young boy, about 12, asked me if I would like to buy a flower from him. He'd made the flowers from palm leaves. I had seen many other people selling these flowers, but something about this boy compelled me to say yes, and so I bought three of his hand made flowers. At three for $5 you can't really beat that for a hand made souvenir. I'm hoping that it'll maintain its shape as it dries out.

That little boy has been on my heart and mind since we saw him. Even Paul, who doesn't generally speculate too much on strangers lives, thought there was something off about that young boy.

The boy seemed dejected. Overwhelmed. Timid.
And yet he was so polite. And absolutely beautiful.

He didn't appear or speak like he was born and raised in America.
And while this is totally our imaginations, we both thought that he was being forced to sell those flowers.

I have thought about that boy so much this week. Was he kidnapped? A run away? An actor?
Was he being threatened? Or was he simply trying to do honest work to help provide for his own family?

I hope my flowers don't dry up and lose their shape. I like having them out in the open where I can look at them and remember that little boy.

And aren't these just the coolest looking flowers?!


Light Angel said...

The flowers are beautiful. I hope all is well with the boy.

Catherine said...

They are nice!

Sis said...

I love them :) and you made me tear up.

Bethany said...

Your comments about the little boy remind me of the little faces I saw in the streets of San Salvador. Little boys running from car to car offering to wash your vehicles... They have stories we will never know, but Jesus holds them in his hands and cares for their needs. It's nice to know that as we lift them in our prayers...

The flowers are quite stunning.

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