Last night we all went to the racetrack as one of Paul's co-workers races his street car occasionally and I wanted to go watch.

Judah was a bit frightened of the loud engines, but Paul helped him overcome his fear of that and by the end of the evening Judah was very bravely sitting on his own, beside Paul. I admire Paul's compassionate and loving approach with the boys - he doesn't coddle them. He just has this great way of making the boys feel safe with him and then turns around and makes them feel safe on their own.

In fact, when I was asking Judah about our time at the race tracks the first thing he said to me was:
"Judah sat by himself beside daddy."
Turns out, it was a pretty big deal to that little boy to be able to sit by himself while the noisy vehicles whizzed by.

The second thing was:
"The motorcycles were noisy. Vrooooom."

And the third thing was:
"I gave Unca Caleb my garbage and he threw it out."

Mmm, yes. My environmentally friendly two year old. The THIRD most exciting thing about his two hours watching motorcycles, cars and trucks doing cool stunts and racing was that his Uncle threw out his garbage - I can't help but wonder, why do parents stress themselves out trying to find "cool" activities to do for their young children?

Or maybe it is just my children that are so easily amused by things like someone throwing out their garbage.


I hope not.

Please tell me, what simple things amuse your young children?
Or, even better, what simple things at cool places (like garbage at the race track) amuse your children?

The white car is the co-workers car.


Amber said...

At the park, Levi is often entertained just by picking up the pebbles and dropping them through the slots in the equipment. Forget swings, slides etc. lol
At the zoo, the highlight of his day was getting a souvenir cup at the end of the day--it had a STRAW in it. :-D
Any time we go to town, I can make his whole day by buying him a glass of ice water from Sonic. Yes, water. I can spend 10 cents and make his whole day. ;-)

Kristin said...

Helen loves being outside, anything to do with dirt, rocks or water is her favorite. She loves exploring in the garden and is a big fan of getting weeds out of "her" garden. She also loves going to visit daddy at work (he's a farmer). She gets to take tractor, 4 wheeler and combine rides with him, check on the irrigation pipes, look at the crops. She learns so much from this activity that she thinks is just fun times with daddy.

She loves to help around the house. Vacuuming is something I often do with her when she is especially bored. She loves it and the house gets a bit cleaner. She loves to help cook too, although this does not result in a cleaner house!

Our grocery store has a cart for kids that has a car in the front that she can "drive". So, going to the grocery store is a favorite activity because of the cool toy she gets to play with! I love it when everyday chores become fun activities for my children!

We almost never do organized activities (with the exception of Sunday School and the weekly storytime at the library). I think we should be able to make fun times out of regular activities and, so far, it's worked out!

Anonymous said...

Jack loves "painting" the ground with the hose. Rocks become animals, dinosaurs, anything! He loves running around the yard pretending that we (Rob and I) are dinosaurs trying to get/eat him!
Emily LOVES LOVES shoes!!! We go to Target and she kicks her shoes off and wants to try on every pair there! We dont have to buy any, just getting to put them on makes her happy! She likes to sit and "talk" to the dogs or sing songs in the car!
Emily's laid back and Jack's a force of nature!

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