Hair and a Motorcycle

Judah bought himself this motorcycle at a yard sale yesterday, and he's rather proud of that fact. He's told Paul several times "Look! Motorcycle! Judah BOUGHT it."

This two year old stage is nothing short of wonderful. I adore everything about Judah being 2. His conversations crack me up, daily.

His newest thing? He doesn't want me kissing him. But he can kiss me.
If I kiss him I hear this;
"No mommy, you can't kiss Judah. Judah kisses mommy."
"YUCKY!! Mommy kisses YUCKY!"

Um. Ok.
Maybe my feelings should be hurt, but they're not. I am simply amused.


Nicole said...

His hair looks really cute Jessica! Very cool that he bought his own motorcycle toy. How fun! And the kisses thing is pretty funny. Kids are so awesome.

Brandy said...

He looks all growed up (as my sister used to say) with his hair cut.

Love the necklace he's wearing, he's got style.

TammyIsBlessed said...

Adorable story and an adorable to haircut to match!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Judah is totally adorable, and love the sunday outfit! Jackie

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Blaine overwhelmed himself with school this last session. He is actually in Washington DC with his Dad right now. They have been planning this trip for quite some time. They are actually camping a few miles from DC and riding the metro in daily. I talked to them this AM and they are already having a great time. He is very lonesome these days. No christian friends at school where he spends so much time, I hope he does a little better on time management next semester. Give him a call sometime if you and Paul get the chance. Jackie

Jessica said...

His hair looks adorable! I just LOVE it. DOes he mind when people mess with his curls? My niece has curls like that - she's 4 - and she has just reached the stage where she hates for people to mess with them, which is nearly impossible for me because I love them so much. She does let Leah play with them, though, because it makes Leah laugh and Jesse (the niece) feels really special when she can make Leah laugh. It's cute.

BeckeyZ said...

Benjamin will only let me kiss him on his cheek, and only if I ask first. I ask a lot.

Michelle said...

I know I've said this before but..


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