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Last Monday was Judah's first day of school and I don't think you can find a child more thrilled with the fact that he does school! He prays for his school at every meal and before bed, he proudly shows off his daily school work to Paul when he gets home and he asks to do school randomly throughout the day. I looooove his enthusiasm!!

We have settled into a comfortable routine for school right now. Right after breakfast we read a short Bible story and he gets asked questions based on what we just read.
Then we settle into the learning portion, do a 'busy' activity and then I put on his Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD. I highly recommend the dvd. Judah learned all his letters and their sounds from an early age and Wesley will say some of them now.

This was our first week and so I mixed up several different things to see what direction to head in. This is what I learned about Judah:

He loves coloring and writing his letters - he can write "A" and "S" but thinks he can write them all :)
He knows all his colors. At least all the colors in his crayon box.
He doesn't care for cut and paste things.
He likes to try to copy things that I write/draw for him.
He can color inside the lines. Until he gets bored. Then he scribbles all over.
He knows all his letter sounds and, when prompted, will 'read' something by sounding out each letter. He is no where close to connecting the sounds to make a word.
He has a great memory! He has memorized the first half of John 3:16 this week.

I am going to take another couple weeks to really decide what direction to go in, but I think, for now, my main focus will be on putting together letter sounds, coloring and memorization.

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Anonymous said...

My best tip for this age group is to READ, READ, READ! Encourage that love of books and everything else will come easily!


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