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I love Judah's art work and have a few of his pieces displayed in our home - the one in the picture he told me is an airplane. I just love his imagination :)

My Sponsor company contacted me about their Custom Greetings Card and I only had to think three seconds about what I do to create my own Custom Greeting Card - use a photograph of Judah's art work to be turned into a greeting card - how cool would that be to have your child's art work turned into a greeting card that you could then share with the world? (As a side note, I am not going to use the above picture, it was behind glass in low light and it's horrible quality! It's all I had available at the moment though)

And thinking ahead to Christmas (because I always think about Christmas...) - you could tie a pretty ribbon around ten or fifteen of them and gift them to grandparents. I know my mum is very good about writing to people and I'd like to think she'd be thrilled to use a card with an abstract airplane on the front.

There are SO many options for printing pictures on the front of your very own Custom Greeting Cards - do you own your own business? How cute and professional would it look to have your logo, or something matching your logo, placed on the front of your very own Greeting Card or Custom Postcards?!

Do you have an upcoming wedding or large event? These would be perfect to personalize as thank you notes for wedding gifts or for an invitation to an event.

Or for the un-professional with no events in the near future person like myself - turn your favorite photograph or a photograph of your child's art into a greeting card for personalized and stylish stationary!

My sponsor is very generously offering TWO winners the opportunity to win 250 7x5 Greeting Cards.

That is T.W.O.H.U.N.D.R.E.D. and fifty. Wowzers!! That is a lot of cards. Remember my idea of gifting them to the grandparents?! You could be gifting to the aunts and uncles too - maybe even the mail man. Just kidding.
For the professional or event planner this is an awesome giveaway and it could really go far to help you promote your product or be used in your event planning in some way.

For those that would use this for personal use the volume of cards sounds overwhelming, but I think it would be so precious to be writing notes to people years down the road on a Custom Greeting card that my 2 year old son had drawn. Or using a meaningful photograph from a favorite vacation. I am just stoked about this giveaway and that they are offering it to me too!


In the comments tell me how would YOU use this prize?
You may blog, FB and tweet about this - for a total of three extra entries. Please leave a seperate comment for each additional entry letting me know where you mentioned this giveaway.


US Addresses only.

Shipping must be paid by winner - from what I gathered shipping will be about $10. Not a bad price for 250 cards, but before you enter I want to make sure you understand that you are responsible for shipping costs!

Contest will end on August 28th.


ashleigh said...

I would use the cards as thank yous for our (Rob and I) wedding! And it would probably be enough to do announcments as well!!!! It would awesome to not have to worry about taking care of all that! Fingers crossed :D

Stacy said...

I'd give these to my sister for a wedding gift. You're right, they'd be awesome for thank you notes and Christmas cards!

ashleigh said...

left a facebook message too.

Crystal said...

Hmm, well if baby came soon enough, I'd use them as announcements. :)

If not, umm, I like the business logo idea. :)

Crystal said...


Crystal said...

And FB'd.

Kristin said...

I love having random notecards around so I'd probably use it for that. Or maybe Christmas cards...but what would I do with 250 Christmas cards? I like the gift idea too. As you can see, I could definitely find a use for these!

Jessica said...

I would use them to catch up on snail mail correspondence! I love getting real letters and notes - as in, in the mailbox - so I would use such an abundance of notecards to bless others with mail! =D

I LOVE this idea!

Jessica The Rock Chick said...

Cool contest!!! I think I would use them for my "reindeer food". Every year the kids and I make reindeer food and cards and leave them at all the neighbors houses, friends houses, etc. I always print the cards myself, but this would make them extra special, I think!!!

I'm going to tweet this contest now!

Joely said...

I send out cards to my family for almost EVERY holiday, so I would probably use them for that with a picture of my baby on it!

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