I have been bumped to fifth place!! Oh No!! That just can't be!! Please, please, please vote for me today!! NO signing up is necessary!! ALL you do is click on the yellow bar above and then click on the link that says "VOTE FOR JESSICA MORRIS" It's SO easy - it'll just take a few seconds of your time!! Thank you!


Jenmomof4 said...

Jessica you won something at my blog giveaway!! email me your address so I can send it to you!!

wiljen109 at aol dot com

Sarge Charlie said...

I voted

katherine. said...

sent by the Sarge....and I voted!

Catherine (PCtheGreat) said...

at 2:51 PM pacific time you are back in 4th place by 3 votes. Sorry that you are getting passed up. :(

Maybe you could ask all your readers if they would consider donating $1 to the blog for a year fund. If they click the "donate" button on the bottom of the page while on your profile the money will be credited to you. The people who donate the most money (which is currently the person in first place) get their Blog for a Year profile on the front page more often. If you go to the front page and keep refershing the first place person is always up there.

Maybe doing this will help you get more random votes? Just a suggestion.

Glenda said...

Hi Jessica, I'm enjoying the current race with you! Good luck.

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