Rock the Boat Baby

I am working on a new header for my blog. I haven't exactly figured it out yet, as you can see by the disproportioned pink border in the background. I've given up on it for the evening, but will try sometime in the next day or two to fix it all up!!

I have won many prizes this weekend!! I won two prizes from the give away thing I posted about on Thursday, and then yesterday I won THREE prizes from Jessica the Rock Chick's raffle - pretty sweet, eh? I am thinking sometime soon I should hold a contest on my blog!

Here is a video of Judah that the other Jessica played on her blog during the 24 hour blogathon (hope she didn't think she got exclusive rights to this video!!) When the camera *isn't* on him he laughs and laughs at the rowing, but this little dude is just fascinated with the camera and won't perform for the camera!

This second one is just some cute expressions - he has started tucking his lower lip under his upper lip - so adorable!! Please ignore the spit up on his sleeper - I really do do laundry and dress my baby in clean clothes - the spit up is about ten seconds old in the video! =)


Anonymous said...

That is the first time that I can see you in Judah. It is so sweet. He is beginning to show signs of both of you. What a joy.

Love AP

Sarge Charlie said...

I voted again...........

The Rock Chick said...

Judah rocked the Blogathon!! I love that video--he is just so cute!! Thanks again for all of your promotion, letting me use the video and for hanging with me all day!!!


The Rock Chick said...

Jessica: you know, I was searching thru technorati scores of my fave bloggers to see what list they were on and you, my friend have a score of 474! You're almost an A-list blogger, too!!!! That's great-we can share a limousine ot all the fancy parties we're going to get invited to!

I love the pic on your new header, although, I admit you caught me a little off guard with the "stay at home mummy" line. "Mummies" in Canada are different than American "mummies", I'm pretty sure :)

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