Blogging to Win!

Kuanhoong dot com is giving away $100!! The contest ends soon, so if you want to enter you'd better get at it! As with most any contest there are rules! These rules however are simple:

Write a review 100 - 150 words about his make money at home blog- in English or in another language. This is where I wish I spoke another language. How many languages can this person know? I'd love to write this review in some little known language. But my language skills are only in English =)

Don't use any images or flash.

You have to use the anchor text "make money at home" or "make money" or "money online" in your post.

And you have to link back to this page, which shows all the rules and details!

If I win I will donate all the money to my Blog For a Year contest.

There was no rule outlawing begging, so I am going to plead with you to pick my blog to win the money!! Thanks =)

1 comment:

kuanhoong said...

Thanks for nice review.
Stay tune for the result :-)

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