My Personal Chef

*Sigh* Even if his cooking was rotten I would still find it quite adorable that a muscular manly man made an attempt in the kitchen. But the great thing is he's a good cook! In fact he is an amazing cook!

Paul is good at many things, but one of my favorite things about him is his cooking skills. He makes the best pizza and the best bread that I have ever had (and I grew up with a mum and sister that made both really well!) He makes amazing omelets - which normally I hate omelets. But I really like Paul's. His are the only ones I will eat.

Paul is one of those talented cooks who doesn't follow a recipe - he is inspired by a recipe and then just lets his taste buds do the rest.
He is definitely a man about cooking though. When I told him that I did not like omelets he made it his personal mission to make them so that I would love them. And he did it! He makes them about once a week now for me, and I love every single one he makes! I think he's a little proud - and perhaps even smug - about the fact that he got me to like them.

If I say any definite "I do not..." he makes it his goal to change my mind. A negative person he is not!!

I think I could actually play this up to my advantage.

"I do not like chocolate."
"I do not like cheesecake."
"I do not like steak."
"I do not like iced coffee."


Catherine said...

I don't like cheesecake, chocolate, steak, or iced coffee either. I also don't like brownies. ;)

mel said...

It's so great to hear someone bragging about their guy this way! How cute. :)

Crystal said...

Aww that's sweet. And umm, dare I say it, HOT!?! ;o)

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