Good Morning Mama!

I am not a morning person, but my sweet baby might just change that! He does make waking up a sweet event, especially if he is in bed with me when he is waking up (Shhh! Don't tell his doctor, but Judah does sleep in bed with me when Paul is away!) Paul has been in Alabama since Monday, so the past three mornings Judah has woken me up with his singing and happy chattering, along with his body inching across the bed trying to find mine. It is so sweet - once he finds me he just lays there cuddling next to me, singing me his happy good morning coos. How can I not love mornings when I get a wake up like that?

Sometimes it is hard to see that Judah is in fact growing and changing, but the last few days I have literally seen him change over night! It's rather exciting to see. Judah is mobile now - he can scoot his body all over his crib and our bed, and if I stick him on the floor he will do it there too (but it is in dire need of vacuuming, so he hasn't had much time on the floor! Have to speak to my housekeeper about that...) Judah has developed an interest in things now - he will lay and chat with his stuffed dog, horse or octopus. He wants to hold my fingers when he is sleepy, and he has developed an interest in our food! Which is what they say is a sign that they are ready to start on solids. Judah has tried a few things - mainly some apple sauce and then a lemon that Paul fed him ... don't ask. If Judah survives our parenting than he will be ready for anything in life!

Paul is getting home sometime this evening and then we are heading to the beach! Some friends are there right now and have a condo for the week. Paul only has tomorrow off, so we'll go tonight and spend the day there tomorrow, and then head home late tomorrow night. Should be fun! I think I could live at the beach!

So, really, I should be packing for our trip! I am going to try to find a new recipe to make something with the ground beef in my fridge, and make some more of those banana muffins - my seven recipes a week didn't go all that well this week - I don't cook for myself when Paul is away!

For those of you voting for me THANKS! I am 120 votes away from 4th place ... any thoughts on how to up the number of votes I get??


The Rock Chick said...

Awww, this is so sweet!!! I won't tell the doctor! I used to let my kids sleep with me, too, sometimes!

It's amazing how they change overnight, isn't it? I love the pic you posted of you guys, too! It's really nice!!!!

I will post a request to get you more votes, too! Oh, and thanks for the guest blog!!! I actually think you did commit before. I'm crazy lately, you'll have to excuse me!


Catherine said...

Maybe you could ask a Crosswalk moderator if you could make a thread there to ask people to vote for you? They will probably say no though.

Now you are 100 votes away.

Mel's Mom said...

I'm old now-I need coffee to make me smile in the morning =)

Sarge Charlie said...

Nice post Jessica

Bethany said...

What a great way to wake up in the morning!

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