Oh Canada ...

My baby is teething. His first pearly white has made its grand appearance (on Monday, July 2 for all the Judah stalkers out there who want to mark it on their calender.) It is on the lower left side - not in the front. Odd spot for a first tooth - all the better to NOT bite me with, right? That's what I am hoping anyway! I am glad that his Royal Pain behavior can be explained away with the simple fact that "he's teething." Yes, he may scream for twenty minutes straight. He may want to eat all the time and be held more often than that. But he's teething. It's not my fault. I'm not a bad mum. HURRAY. My little bundle of drool is just doing what babies do ... teething.

I haven't had much of an opportunity to blog the last week and I have missed it!
Judah and I have been busy socializing =) Friday night Esther held a surprise party for me- I think that was the second or third surprise party she's had for me over the years and she gets me every time! We had a bon fire and then played games.
Saturday was the Strawberry festival - which are what most of the last batch of pictures are from. That dog in a stroller - ya, he was strolling down main street with his middle aged owner (probably "mommy") pushing him along. Notice the toy attached to the stroller! I followed them along till I could get a good shot of it ... I guess that makes me a dog stalker.
Sunday my grandparents (my dad's parents) came for lunch and Judah got to meet his great grandparents! That was lots of fun. He was a little socialite and stayed awake all morning and afternoon. Sunday night a group of us went out to see fireworks in honor of Canada day.
Monday was a lazy day - I found "Falafel in a Box" - all you do is add water and then fry them. So I bought that and made it up for everyone. I thought it was delicious, so I will be taking some back down south for Paul and me.
Today Aunt Polly came for lunch and then mum, Judah and I went out to a second hand store to see if we could find an infant tux for Judah to wear to the wedding this Saturday ... no such luck! But I did get a cute pair of pants that I think I will have him wear to the wedding and I found a shirt for myself.

Gas up here is so much more than down south - I have been living in denial mode by having $20 put in here and another $20 there - never committing to fill up the tank at one time. Well, today was the day I finally pulled in and said "Fill 'er up please" (because up here we have Full Service Gas Stations and you get to sit in your car and tell them what to do.) Down south I can fill up for $35. Here it cost me $59.00!!! Yes that is $35 American, but seriously, the exchange isn't that extreme. $59 for gas?!? If I used weird expressions this would be where I would insert "I almost had a cow" - but seeing as I don't say things that I roll my eyes at when other people say them I won't use that expression.

Tomorrow is July 4th. I am slightly bummed that I will be missing a great fireworks day. I love fireworks and Americans do put on better firework shows than the Canadian ones I've seen. I had considered driving to Niagara Falls to see some, but at $59 for a gas tank I think not. I could buy my own fireworks for that price. In case I am not on here tomorrow to wish everyone this HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY YA'LL!

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