Sun Burnt Noses

Well, that was a crazy trip to Hilton Head! We got there Thursday night just after 10 pm. On Friday we hit the beach just after 10am I think, and stayed out till just after 3. I think I could live at the beach. If I didn't have a baby! I love Judah, but he does make a beach experience a challenge! I am so grateful for a husband who so graciously watches the baby and soothes the baby so that I can do other things (like, uh, swim in the ocean!)
We traded off who was in the water and who was sitting on the beach, and for a little while Ashley watched him so we could both be in the water. Some days I wonder why we live far away from our free babysitters?
We got home last night just before 11 - poor Paul had to be up at 4 this morning for work! He works so hard for us =)
All our beach pictures are on the other camera (and shh! don't tell Paul - but I am not sure where the cable is to connect it to my computer!) but here are a few of Judah and Paul on the way home last night.

Judah got hungry and decided to try out the steering wheel.

"Hey mum, don't worry - it doesn't taste as good as your milk!"

A glowing Paul teaching his son how to drive.

Judah was a natural!

Then he discovered this cool new way to drive - foot on the steering wheel!

Before you report us for bad parenting I want to clarify that the car was in park the entire time. See, the car door is even open!

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The Rock Chick said...

These are adorable! I love the little feet on the steering wheel one :)

I'm so glad you wrote that little commentary at the bottom, too, LOL! The whole time I was looking at the pictures I was thinking "Is this Britney Spears' baby?"


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