Hey, hey Good Lookin'

I just love this outfit of his that the Nummy's gave me at Christmas time for him - it is labeled 0-3 months and it is just fitting him now at 6 months. I think he always looks cuddly, but he's extra cuddly in this outfit!


C. Shearer said...

Beautiful baby. :)

C. Shearer said...

Hey there, I found your blog when my friend Kat posted on my blog, and then I clicked on somebodies post on her blog, then their blog asked me to vote for your blog...but I couldn't vote for it if I didn't read some of it. When I did, then I voted for it.

Simple enough? :)

Anonymous said...

Whoever is Nummy? She has vry good taste. How much $$ did you come into? Love ya AP

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