Judah Pics

Judah just adores standing in this!!

Judah and his great-great Aunt Polly today

Apparently I don't feed him enough and he's taken to eating his fist...

Bug eyed baby!

Judah and Gramps

All smiles with his Grandma

Judah with his Great-Grandma Crowe

Judah with his Grandpa and Great Grandpa


The Rock Chick said...

Oh how cute! My son had a chair similar to Judah's. He loved it, too!
Great pics! It's cool to see your entire family!!!


syferium said...

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Crystal said...

Awww, feed that boy more! ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't have your e-mail address Jess. Judah is getting so big and is a real cutie. You are doing a great job taking all these pix. delightful. I came across a blog that you might find an encouragement...www.devildogfamily.blogspot.com.
Have a great trip home.
Dr. Jennifer M

Sara said...

What a cutie he is, love those blue blue eyes!!!

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