Runs in the Family

Judah is just like me - and I gotta say, I am proud of it!! It drives Paul nuts, but I cannot for the life of me sleep in one place. The sheet and comforter always end up all on my side of the bed - or on the floor on my side. Paul - who is twice my size - ends up sleeping in one quarter of the bed, and I sprawl out over the rest of it.

Judah is definitely showing signs of being just like me. When he sleeps in bed with me I am the one sleeping on the edge of the bed and he takes up the rest of the bed.

This video is Judah during nap time. Some how he managed to lose his pants and pull up the bottom sheet. I don't know how! But hey ... I don't need to know =) Some people just have this natural talent and I am proud my baby boy shares this talent with me!

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Anonymous said...

It looks like he is almost too big for that part of the crib. He will soon be pulling himself up and falling out!! Just a warning from the old Aunt Love ya AP

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