Burn Baby, Burn

Paul and I finally made the decision to join a gym. Well, ok, I made the decision to join one. Paul has faithfully been working out at least 5 days a week since forever. But we joined the *same* gym last Monday, and then got sick and didn't go back.

Till today that is. I haven't worked with free weights for about thirteen months, and I gotta say - it feels GREAT to be back at it!
I am debating starting to blog about my weight loss progress. I have seen brave folks posting before - during - after pictures and posting their current weight, what they lose along the way and their goals throughout.

I am not sure if I am that brave. I would much rather post a before/after picture AFTER the fact - just in case I never actually get to "the after." =)


Mel's Mom said...

Congratulations on the new membership! It's been my experience every time I renew a membership, or determine to "get back at it" I get sick or something big happens (hindering the ability to go). Do everything you can to get there, but don't make yourself miserable- that would defeat the purpose. I have to tell you- from what I can see of your pictures you are absolutely beautiful! AND you can fit into dresses from HOW LONG AGO?!

Jessica Morris said...

I may fit into the DRESS, but I am no where close to fitting into pants or skirts!! I am 40 pounds more now than I was when we got married!!

But thank you for the complement!

Kristee Weldon said...

Good for you! I am doing Weight Watchers. It really work for me. I don't know how I let things get so out of hand. I am NOT posting before and after pictures ever. OH vanity, vanity...;)

We belong to the Y and love it. I injured my ankle awhile back and that has slowed me down somewhat.


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