6 months!

Judah is six months old today!! It is a rather odd feeling that he is half way to one year!! He has grown and changed so much already, and yet he still has the wonderful world of crawling to discover - and then walking!! And then there is all the food for him to taste - he's only had avocado, carrots, lemon and chocolate ice cream thus far! Can you imagine being limited to only those tastes?? I am so excited about him discovering all the different foods - tastes and textures - that are available! Our baby is growing up!! =)


Anonymous said...

What about icing? dont forget about that :]]]]]

Amy Grant said...

Hey! You are the winner of the Mary Kay samples! Please contact me at elashablue (at) yahoo (dot) com!


Aunt Polly said...

We still have our small blue eyed little boy. What a priviledge. I will keep doing this until I can get through

Sarge Charlie said...

they do grow up, even you will get old some day and look back at what you did, I think you will be proud.

katherine. said...

what a sweetie!

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