Nope, I haven't jumped off the face of the earth. I know ya'll we're sitting on the edge of your computer chair just waiting to find out why I haven't been posting - well, here is the reason.
22 is old.
I know most of you who read this are older than that, so please don't throw anything at me for saying that! But since turning 22 two weeks ago it's like my body has suddenly been more demanding. It needs more sleep. It gets more tired. Sure, it might have *something* to do with the fact that on Monday my brother and I took 23 hours to drive from Toronto to my apartment (we stopped and shopped for three hours, I'll tell you about that later!) And then on Friday I was up at 3:30 am to get same brother to the airport so that he could fly back up North... but I chose to blame it on the fact that I am getting old. I miss the good old days when I could bounce right back after a long road trip, or get up super early and be just fine. But now I am old, and my body is making me pay for it. Ok - I shall stop. Before everyone older than 22 hates me. (But everyone younger than 22 be warned - your body will change and you will be old before you're ready to be!)

About that three hours shopping ... Spencer and I were driving on I-79 in PA, about an hour South of Erie, and we stopped at the Grove City Outlets. They are so worth stopping at, even if it means going out of your way to get to them!! They were quite amazing. When I say there were deals I do mean deals. D.E.A.L.S. I bought at two stores - The Children's Place and Aeropostale - things were on sale to begin with and then an additional 50% off of that - I spent a total of $29 and got $270 worth of things. It was rather exciting for a bargain shopper =) The best deal was a gorgeous mens wool sweater regularly $42 that I got for $1.50! Pretty sweet deal, eh? It was fun to have that shopping break in the midst of the long drive!

We got back down here otherwise uneventfully - arriving here at 5 Tuesday morning! Paul had Tuesday off, so we just hung around doing a lot of nothing. It is so very nice to be back home again =)

I have decided that I am going to try to vamp up my cooking skills - each week I am going to try to use at least 7 new recipes. So far it's going well and I have discovered two rather delicious ones - bacon cheeseburgers (with the bacon and cheese grilled in the burger itself) and hamburger buns. They are definite keepers and I will post the recipes later this week.

Please continue to vote for me! I am in 6th place right now! Thanks to all the faithful voters each day =)


Catherine (PCtheGreat) said...

LOL! I will be 22 in 8 months, 20 days, and 9 hours.

Jeanie said...

I never felt old at 22, but I didn't have an infant and a husband then either.

You're so funny. Warning the world that it all caves in at 22. Way too funny.


Jessica Morris said...

Lol - Catherine, take advantage of your youthfulness while it lasts ;) J/K!!

Jeanie - you made me laugh!

Judah's Favorite Auntie! said...

Your life must be crazy if you can't even remember what way to hold Judah up:-p It's a cute picture!

toni in the midst said...

Seven new recipes per week? Now sister, if 22 wasn't old before, it will be soon, lol.
I'm lucky if I try ONE new recipe every other week (something for you to look forward to at age 42, lol).

LOVE that black/white photo, btw. Lovely. And you wouldn't be tired at 22 because.......never mind (where's that evil smilie when I need him?)
(who's feeling oh-so-inadquate for not revamping her own cooking skills more)

Bethany said...

I will be 22 in just over three months and I'm already feeling so old! Maybe it's because I'm feeling so huge and my sciatic nerve has been bothering me, making me hobble when I used to bound. If this is how I feel now, how will I feel then? Besides being nine months pregnant for my birthday... Oh dear, we shall see...

Andy and Jenelle said...

Yay! You are now in 5th place. Love the pictures btw. Hope all is well... wish I would've known you were on your way back home. I could've drove out to meet you in Grove City. I haven't been there in about 5 years.

The Rock Chick said...

Oh Jessica, Jessica, Jessica!!!!!

22 is not old!!! You'll have to trust me on this but it's being a mommy to a baby that makes you feel tired and run down.

I'm almost (not quite!!!) twice your age and I was exhausted when my kids were little. Now, I have the same energy as I did when I was a teenager. I swear!!!!

Catherine said...

Did you see?! You are up to 5th place on "Blog for a Year" now.

Crystal said...

Yeah, I wish I was 22 again. Try 27.

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