I love my husband. I really, really do. That being said - he is weird and he does some really odd things. He likes his coffee. Ok, no - he is obsessed about his coffee. We have to buy whole bean coffee to grind ourselves (My Aunt and Uncle bought him the grinder for Christmas and it is *the most* used and, I do believe, loved gift Paul has ever received!) It has to be certain brands of coffee we buy, and only certain blends.

Paul loves coffee.

So much so that he wouldn't allow the shattered coffee pot keep him from his morning, noon or nightly cup of joe.

I came home from my two weeks away to discover our "remodeled" coffee maker ...

Brilliant, eh? Makes me proud to be married to an inventor of the Pyrex Measuring Cup Coffee Maker. As proud as I am of our new coffee maker I want to get Paul a new one (and I want my measuring cup back!)
Any suggestions for a coffee maker? I'd love some ideas!


Kim said...

Do you like coffee too, or just him??

One of my close friends also grinds his own coffee (and roasts the beans, too!!) and swears by his french press (like this one here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_press)

It only takes as long to make a pot of coffee as it does to make a pot of tea - he says it tastes sooooo much better since the crushed beans actually sit in the water (like tea leaves, I guess!) and it's that much more flavorful! And it takes less electricity and is less expensive =)

Paul Morris said...

oh!! I really want to get a French press! I've seen them and they look like a great way to do it. as for roasting my own coffee. I've been doing some research... I'd love to learn how he does it.

P.S. don't let Jessica's innocent looking face fool you. she's almost as much of a fanatic as I am. at least in my little world she is. that way my coffee fanaticism isn't quite so lonely.

Kim said...

LOL - it's always fun talking to hubbys on blogs =)

I have *no* idea how he roasts his coffee - sorry!!! You can try this link: http://dhn.gv.ca/ to see if he's got info - I'm sure you can email him, and when you do let him know that 'Kim S.' sent you his way =)

The Rock Chick said...

I love coffee, too, and have to have it in the morning and after dinner.

I actually think the Pyrex idea is quite inventive!!

I would think you should be able to gt a replacement pot for that machine. I had one similar a few years back and I think Target sells the coffee pots...

Jessica The Rock Chick

mel said...

I LOVE COFFEE. I would make a pyrex cup/ coffee maker too!

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