A Sign of a Brilliant Child - right?

This is how my baby watches his classical-music-to-make-his-brain-smarter-dvd! Instead of facing the tv like a normal person he turns his seat so his back is to it and then cranes his neck back to watch.

I don't claim to understand him. Just love him. =)

We only own one Judah-dvd. It is a Dollar Store version of Baby Einstein that my mum picked up for him. And while Judah loves it and finds it highly entertaining I do not.

I am not a fan of Baby Einstein. Never have been, and I don't think I ever will be. Those shows just drive me nuts!! I do however adore Classical Baby and am considering buying it for Judah (maybe putting the $10 giftcard to Amazon that I won this weekend towards it!)

Classical Baby is cute and whimsical. It is a three disk set, each disk featuring a different art form; dance, music and visual art. There are little cartooned animals that appear throughout - frogs swimming across a famous painting of water, ballerina mice dancing through a piece of art of ballerina's. It is a show that I don't mind watching over and over again - and if momma is happy, then, well - everyone is happy =)


(Aunt) Essie said...

So... I should return the Baby Einstein dvd? Kidding, I didn't buy one:-p But, I will be on the lookout for some more movies for Judah... We've gotta help the kids get a good collection going;)

(Aunt) Essie said...


Jessica Morris said...

Hey - I still play him the one I've got for him even tho I hate it!!

He does love Bob Barker too tho!! Tho now it's only reruns he'll get to watch!!

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