Fechr-ed/Featured ... it's all the same

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Want your blog to be Fechr-ed? Uh-huh, that's right F-E-C-H-R-E-D. A cool, hip word for an up and coming cool new site that, you guessed it, actually features your blog. All you do is enter your blog, blog about them, and then wait for your blog to be featured on their site.
The waiting thing isn't such a big deal though - in fact, it's rather brilliant. For a site that is just starting out their traffic isn't as high now as it will be in a month or two.
So while yes, I really truly do hope my blog will be fechr-ed I hope they hold onto it and do it in a couple of months when they're really booming. How perfect would being fechr-ed be for my blogging contest?? Think - or dream with me - about the potential traffic that could come to my site that would then go vote for my blog. Brilliant, eh?

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