Why me?

I was up at 6:30 this morning, but that's not the worst of it. I got up at 6:30 in the morning so that I could go to the gym to work out. Early morning and body torture. What a way to start a day off. At least I thought it was miserable then. But on the otherside of it, it was grand. I felt great, I learnt that people are actually alive and kickin' at the unearthly hour of 6:45 (and *gasp* some kids were being picked up by the school bus!!) But I realized that I can do it. I can get up early and go to the gym. No more excuses. I now must do this every morning. I do have a secret confession: I had a nap today. It was marvelous. Maybe, some day, I will graduate to no naps. But for now they are my guilty pleasure.

News Blurb: JOANNE FABRICS has most of their Christmas stuff at 90% off. I have hit two stores already, and plan to hit another one tomorrow. It gives me the thrills to have the cashier ring up lots of stuff and the total bill be $4.00 - that's $40.00 worth of treasure!! Some cashiers like to play a game. They'll say "Wow dear, you've got a bargain! How much do you think all this will cost you?" I hate to tell them I know exactly what it will cost, as if I calculated every penny and every percent off as I picked out my items. And I know they don't find that fun. So I play along and ask them how much, and they, with much gusto and delight, tell me the total price. In return, I exclaim how wonderful these sales are. After all, they really are wonderful.

Work was rough today. I was only told once that I am the "worst babysitter ever." Why do I put up with his anger and bitterness and hatefulness??? I wish I knew what went through his little mind, that really isn't so little. One moment he is full of life and love and in his own ways lets me know that he loves me. The next moment he lashes out, is nasty, cruel and hateful. His dad has told me that I have had the most influence on this child than any other nanny. That doesn't impress me the slightest bit. It makes me wonder what kind of tourture the kid came up with for the other poor gals.
I miss my Sarah, Emma, Amy and Joshua. Diapers and baby drool. Baby kisses and peek-a-boo. Wiggles and BooBah... ok... I could do without the last two =)

I am going to bed now. I have to wake up at 6:30. To torture my body.


Becki said...

What makes you the "worst babysitter ever"? Do you make him do what he's told? Or does it just come out at random moments?

I admire you on the morning torture thing. Moving... at 6:45... ewwww!

Essie said...

Wow Jessi, I must complement your perseverance, getting up so early to excersize! So good! I haven't done that since umm...November? But I skate now!

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