I just love sales. They excite me. Thrill me.

Those 15 - 35% off sales are nothing. I don't even bother to look at them. The 50% off sales are better... but the ones I love are 75% off or more. Those ones are deserving of a blog. They are worth remembering. They are the exciting sales!!

As you may have guessed, I have gotten a couple good deals today, and am wanting to talk about them.

JoAnne's has most of their Christmas things 75% off. Some of their Christmas things include scrapbook things =) I bought a do-it-yourself calendar with a one year free subscription to a scrapbook magazine (as a matter of fact, the very subscription that just ended this month!!) all for $10. Down from $40.

The other deal is even more exciting. One of the grocery stores has $7 icecream on sale for buy 1 get 1 free. I happen to have a coupon for a free thing of that same icecream. So, I get to buy two for free!! What could be better than free?!

Life is so exciting.

P.S. I have given up on the picture memories... too much work... :-p


Aunt Polly said...

Well dear, I wish that I was there. It is cold and not so great out here. I haven't been to any sales. Only in the stores for groceries. I am trying to find an e-card to send to Paul but so fasr not very successful. I'll get one off by Monday. Have a good weekend with your one and only.

Love Aunt Polly

Sure hope this goes through.

Becki said...

mmmm... You're not planning on eating all that ice cream by yourself are you? :-)

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