I do... I did... now I won't

When I said "I do" in April I did not mean "I do plan to gain an extra 35 pounds." Nope, wasn't the plan. So now, I plan to reverse that. The extra weight is going to disappear. I don't plan on losing it, as I never want to find it again =) I am going to remove it.

Here's my plan:
Minimum of thirty minute workout five days a week, a mix of cardio and weights.

And then my food... it's all changed. I am going to miss the white sugar and flour... sigh... but I will live. And look and feel better for it.

I don't really eat *too* badly, I just eat too much. Women are suppose to eat only 3-4 oz of meat per serving... ouch!! I eat three or four times that amount normally. I love my meat. Other bad news: only one egg per serving. Or only half a bagel. Or half a cup of rice. Terrible. But with this program I am following you eat every 2-4 hours, so it's not too bad. It's actually quite nice.

Here is how the food works:
Group A is smart protien, Group B is smart carbs and Group C is smart fats.
I am allowed one portion from Group A and Group B per meal, and I can cook it with half a portion from group C.
So I have taken over a shelf in my fridge. It has a sign for Group A and a sign for Group B. In group A I have chicken, hard boiled eggs, cheese and fat free cottage cheese in single portion containers. In group B I have green peppers, sweet snap peas, carrots, brown rice, whole wheat bagels (I bought mini bagels, as one mini bagel is just a little smaller than half of one regular bagel, so I will still "feel" like I am eating a full bagel!!) whole grain bread, mangos and grapes all in single serving portions.
So it is very easy to just grab what I need, and I can't cheat on serving sizes as I have pre measured everything!
For snacks, and during any meal, I can eat any amount of non starchy veggies. So ya... that's what I am doing for the next 12 weeks. I have even taken "before" pictures =) I am excited and commited... so please don't offer me cookies or cake or icecream =)

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Becki said...

Good for you! That's something I need to work on too.

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