Birthday Bash

We pulled it off! It was a complete surprise!! Paul had was wondering if I would do something, just because he knows I like parties. He kept trying to bait me;
"I think I will work till 8pm on Friday, k?"
"I think I am going to come home early from work (on Friday) and go straight to sleep, ok?"
"Why don't we have company over Friday night?"
I didn't buy it.I know how suspicious minds work. I am the master at suspicious minds. I never once fell for his tricks.
"Oh, ok hun, you can work till 8. I'll just get a girly movie from the library and watch that while you're at work."
"Ya, I am pretty tired too, we should just have a lazy evening and get to bed early."
"Good idea! Who should we have? Dave and Deb for another poker game? Or maybe we should have people for lunch on Sunday instead."
He bought it. He came home Friday evening from work and I had a list of movies playing at the theatre for him to pick from. Conviniently, he wanted the 8pm show. Dandy. The party was to start at 7.
Everyone gathered on the lower level, then came up together about 7:15. Peggy, Josh, Nathan and Anita, Eric and Carie, Andy and Jenelle, Becky, Danny, Brian and Faith. Good times. Here are some pictures:


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