Missions opportunities this summer for any interested:

Shawn sent me this e-mail. Thought I would help spread the word;

1. Greece - July 28-August 9th (http://operationgideon.org/).
This short-term mission will be a follow-up outreach to the olympic outreach held in 2004 during the Olympics. Lord willing Hayley and I will be going, along with a few others we have been chatting with. Check the website or write back for more details. This trip will be much smaller, and cheaperthan the one in 2004 :) (http://athensblogphotos.blogspot.com/)

2. Toronto - March break or Summer
Over the past number of years of ministry here in Toronto we have hosted teams that have wanted to take a "missions trip" to Toronto. Why Toronto? Well, for those who don't know, the area we live in is the 2nd most multicultural area in all of Canada, and possibly the world! This provides us, and the Bridlegrove assembly, with an amazing spectrum of people from all nationalities and religions which we come in contact with and minister to every day. And we like to share that opportunity with anyone that wants to come hang out with us :) These trips have sometimes been one-day trips, others have been a week or longer. Take your pick. You can read more about a recent trip on my website at:
There you can read about us visiting a mosque, hindu temple, Sanctuary, homeless shelter, going door-to-door, visiting MSC, SIM, street preaching and loads more!
All for a fraction of the cost of an overseas missions trip.
If you, or a group from your church is intersted in bringing a group to Toronto please write me at :
email (at) shawncuthill.com or allhavesinned (at) gmail.com

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