The reasons Paul married me:

~He liked going to bed with the sheets
and blankets on him,
but always got hot in the night,
so he wanted someone who
could pull them off for him...
little did he know I would pull
the blankets and sheets off
of him even when he was freezing cold
and wanted them on him.

~He wanted an easy way
to become a Canadian...
who wouldn't want to be one?!

~He wanted someone to do
his laundry for him...
little did he know I would happily
do all but the ironing!
(Ironing rebels stay strong!)

~He wanted to be able to call the Stieflers
"grandpa and grandma" instead of
"Uncle Dave and Aunt Ruth"...
little did he know old habits die hard,
and more often than not
he refers to them as
"Uncle Dave and Aunt Ruth...
ummm Grandpa and Grandma."

~He liked my mommas cooking
and held on to a desperate
hope that my cooking would taste like hers...
little did he know I would burn the bottoms
on every pot we own and my cooking would be a
charred version of my mothers.

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lyndy markovich said...

are you still comming to our b-ball game I know pauls not he is a betrayer tell him I said that!!) lyndy

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