Early morning dream

Paul woke me up this morning as he was getting ready for the reserves. Only he didn't fully wake me up. And I had been in the middle of a wonderful dream. I told him as much, complaining that he'd ruined a good dream. The following conversation took place:

Him "What were you dreaming of?"
Me "Babies"
Him "Oh? What babies?"
Me "Our baby"
Him "Oh really?"
Me "Yes. A beautiful black baby."
Him - moments later, in a hurt tone- "Well, then it wasn't my baby."
Me - moments later, finally figuring out why he was hurt- "OH! We'd adopted the baby."

I fell asleep right after that. I remembered the conversation when I woke up again at a more decent hour. It made me laugh. It has made me laugh through out this whole day. It was such a funny and random thing to have happen.


Becki said...

lol! I love it!

christa said...

that is funny

christa said...

poor paul

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