The big news of the year...

I am still in shock... or more accurately; absolutely thrilled... delighted, ecstatic. Big Lots has all their Christmas things 95% off.
Although the way they word it sounds much more trilling - 90% off with 50% off that price. And no, I didn't figure out on my own that it equaled 95%... Paul figured that one out. Husbands do come in handy. Glad I have one.
Anyways, the sale. I stopped there after work, and unfortunately for me, only 20 minutes before the store closed. But I managed to raid those aisles well. I had three different ladies peeking into my cart admiring the contents and asking where I had found such and such. That's what happens when you are young and flexable... you're able to bend down low and look underneath the junk to find the good stuff. =)
I bought tons and tons of wrapping paper, gift bags and ornaments. I also bought oddles of yarn for my Momma for her dish cloths. (I bought you 8 big balls of it =) I was hoping maybe you'd make me somemore!)
I am going to go unpack the treasures and show them off to Paul... I wonder if he'll be as delighted as I am?!

(I added it up... I got $200 worth of stuff for $10!!)


Essie said...

are you going back???;)

Christy said...

If I ever need someone to shop for me - it'll be you! *laugh* I don't know anyone that enjoys shopping and sales like you do!

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