Talking fish, white water rafting and dreams

We are such a dorky couple - and I can safely use the word "dorky" in reference to us, since we have disproved the meaning that Spencer and Caleb thought it refered to. Anyways... we actually use a talking stick, although our stick is actually a toy fish, so we call it our talking fish. But ya... inspired from the new Yours, Mine and Ours. The talking stick helps keep discussions from getting over heated, and keeps you from hogging the conversation. Only the person holding the talking stick is actually allowed to talk. And you must pass the fish on once your one thought is finished. We tried it out this weekend. I don't know why. But we did. Let me tell you... one thought can be dragged out for a very long time. Our poor talking fish ended up in several pieces.

I always come up with the most brilliant of ideas at the most inconvinient times of the day. Or night. My ideas usually shine forth just as Paul is dozing off. He has perfected the art of saying "Uh huh", "Yes Dear" and "Sounds good" at just the right moment, while he is sleeping. Last nights idea was to go white water rafting. In Colorado. With Esther, Spenny, Andy and Kevin. If we're all invited to the wedding. Mmm...ya. Hopeful us. So realizing that there isn't a very likely chance that we'll all be invited... I have a back up plan! We can all just go to somewhere a little closer to home. Uhh.. ya... I can't remember off the top of my head where, but we looked into it for this past summer and found some pretty cool places.
Now to convince the other four to go along with the plan. Oh ya, the other five. I think when Paul said "Ok dear" last night that he was actually asleep.

While on the theme of ideas and plans and schemes... we are dreaming of going to Nigeria. And yes, he knows about these dreams. He wasn't sleeping when we planned these ones =) He have debt to pay off first, and then of course saving for the trip. And then too getting time off work. I am very excited about the thought of going back to see my babies. Some day! Soon. I hope.


Paul said...

lol! I love you babe. I've been forced to learn the language of midnight affirmation (uhuh) so that I can get a little bit of sleep. can't wait to go to nigeria!

Anonymous said...

You wanna go with me? I'm looking at summer 2009 at the moment! Only 3 years away!

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