Random happenings of my day

Today was fun. I woke up at 6:30 again. Got up, then went straight back to bed. I couldn't handle another morning at the gym. I promised Paul I would do my work out dvd later, so he trotted off to the gym on his own. What a great guy, letting me sleep in like he did! I needed my sleep, as I was spending the morning and most of the afternoon with Nancy. Such fun!! Maddy was there for part of the time, very eager to be a part of everything. What a cutie!!
Nancy had, literally, a lifetime of photos to sort through. I don't envy her!! I worked on my album and we chatted. Non stop, for nearly five hours. So fun =)
Then I drove a very long way home. It was so beautiful outside. This weather is gorgeous! When I got home I went over to Anita's for us to plan Friday nights dinner for Mr and Mrs Dick and Karlyn and her dad. Mrs. Dick and Karlyn won the draw Anita and I had last Thursday night to have supper at our place with a guest. Supper will be in my apartment (on the new big table!!) but it will be prepared by the two of us. Although Anita is doing a lot of the work, the shopping and the cooking. I am doing the chopping, gratting and serving. It will be fun!
I then finally got around to my three loads of laundry that were patiently sitting waiting to be folded. I worked out, and made my grocery list. I am about to hit the grocery store now. Paul has band practice tonight, and won't be home till a little after ten. I must amuse myself this evening... I am off to do that now. Goodnight ya'll. I'll be up at 6:30 again =)

"Rejoice in the Lord alway, again, I say rejoice"

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