Spoons and schedules

How do two people manage to go through a full set of spoons in a matter of days? I am currently eating oatmeal with a fork because every last spoon in in the running dishwasher. How does that happen? It is one of the great mysteries of my life.

I have meals planned out for this week... I'll start with Monday's, since that's the beginning of the week!

Monday: Stirfry
Tuesday: Spaghetti
Wednesday: McDonalds burger for Paul and whatever for me... we're meeting up for our financial class tonight and there won't be time for a meal before hand!
Thursday: Chicken Quesadillas
Friday: Mmm... depends on what we're doing. Sallsubury Steaks on toast or soup.

I have tried before making a list for each meal and sticking to it. It's hard work! Especially when I am working and am not home to prepare or eat it! At least I can have a schedule every other week!


Michael M. Smith said...

Awesome! It's great to find some blogs by persons who love Jesus. I was feeling quite alone for a while there.

As for the spoons - wifey and I had the same issue - until she started doing event planning and purchased like 40 place settings. Not a good solution to your problem, though. Sorry.

Jessica Morris said...

Haha! There's an idea... 40 spoons =)

Becki said...

I think that's pretty close to what Mom does. She picks up bunches of almost-matches at the thrift store.

That may be after five children have manages to lose a complete 16 person setting, though!

Jessica Morris said...

We do have two complete sets... not sure how many for each set - 12? I think. One set, the nicer one, is kept put away... I don't know... I think it would drive me crazy to have mismatched dinnerware... just a me-ism!!

Christy said...

Food looks good! I may 'steal' a couple of those for my menu. *smile*

Jessica Morris said...

The food has been good ;) Wanna come visit? I think it will be those steaks tonight... =) Now for next weeks menu...

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