Table matters

Last night Eric and Paul picked up our new table from my boss. Poor guys, the glass was so heavy!! But they were strong... they carried it out of Michael's house to the vehicle and then from the vehicle all the way up the stairs to our place!! Thanks guys!!
We were quickly able to get rid of our old table. Paul called Catrina, our lease manager (is that what her proper title is?!) and he left a message for her asking if she knew anyone who might need a table. Catrina called me this morning and told me there was this single mom who could use a table, as all she has are beds for the children! So the lady came over looked at the table and chairs. She brought her youngest daughter with her, who was three. She was so sweet!! Desiree is a single mom with four children. She is putting herself through nursing school, and then wants to go on for her Masters. On top of that, she works full time. What a busy lady. Anyways, she took the table!! I am so happy about that. I also gave her my two tablecloths that fit that table. Her daughter took one of Paul's birthday balloons.
The new table is huge. So large in fact that it has forced me to take down our tree... there just wasn't enough room to breath with the table and tree all right there.

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mum (though I'm ashamed to admit it somedays)... said...

I can't believe your tree is still up, you didn't learn that from me!! Again, poor Paul!!!

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