What a way to start the day

I had all good intentions to get up and make him a marvelous birthday breakfast. Instead, I slept. I woke up twenty minutes before he had to leave for work. I still prepared his breakfast. I poured him a bowl of cheerios, and got his spoon. He poured the milk. It wasn't quite as glamorous as I had envisioned. There is a reason for my neglect to my darling; I still have the stomach flu and was up till 3:30 in the morning hugging the toilet bowl. Though nothing ever came of it. I just felt miserable all night long.

I think tonight we'll use the Cheesecake Factory gift card that we have. (About time, eh Lyndy and Christa?!) I am not feeling up to making a nice meal. But cheesecake... mmm! Yum! Hopefully I will just continue getting better today =)

Most of Paul's presents have been ordered off of Ebay. None of them have arrived yet. So if nothing comes in the mail today, then I will have to print off the images, and wrap those up for him to open tonight. He has promised not to look at this site till later, so I will post his gifts:

Ebay has the best gifts. I love searching through it. A tip for getting the best deals: Narrow your search to within 10 miles of your home (search by postal code) If you find an item you want, contact the seller and see if they will allow you to pick it up, and save on the shipping. Most people I have tried it with don't have a problem with that. Some people say I can do that for half the cost of shipping.

Also, try searching for items within your country (shipping will be cheaper) and put the price range from .01 and .99 cents... it is amazing the amount of things that are available!! You can find some great deals, that you might have otherwise missed.

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mum said...

Yes, Happy B'day Paul, we are new at the in law thing and didn't get a gift or card off in time. Sorry, we do love you, and you will get it eventually!! Jess, did you get the gift you suggested we get him? mum

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