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I have spent the last two days watching the two and a half hours of wedding video footage Spencer took for us... I love it! I love his line at the end "Well, my sister just got married and they are off to their hotel for a night of rock and roll... but we won't go there, because young ears might be listening." Too funny. You did a great job capturing all the special moments on film Spenny! Thanks. I laughed and cried throughout the video - Amanda's speech and Chrissie's song were so sweet! Here are the words to the song Chrissie wrote:

"Jess and Paul, this song for you,
We sing to show we love you,
You are both sincere and kind,
Friends more loyal would be hard to find.

As you leave our midst,
Together go away,
We promise you this,
We'll pray for you each day.

Now that you have joined as one,
Live your life pleasing to our God, his Son,
Always looking to the hope above,
Grounded in God's perfect love."

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