His birthday

Yesterday was filled with excitement... just not quite the excitement one hopes for on their birthday. As I was blowing up balloons one popped in my face and hit my left eye. Now, almost twenty one hours later, it is still extrememly painful. Flashes of light hurt it even more. I have had a constant headache since last night, and it tears up and looks like I am crying at random moments - only I only tear up in the left eye, so it looks quite strange crying from just one eye. That happened at 5 last night. Before I had the chance to wrap most of his gifts, and before I'd had the chance to go pick up our food from the Cheesacake Factory. So his gifts ended up being placed in gift bags... the most boring way to give gifts!! And he ended up driving out to pick up our food when he was done with work.
The food was so good!! He got a BBQ bacon cheeseburger, and I got a Double Fun burger... I think that was its name. Both were very good! For dessert we split a White Chocolate Macademia Nut cheesecake and a Dulce De Leche cheesecake. Dulce De Leche was definitely the better of the two, although both were good!! It brought back many memories!! Which reminds me... Val is getting married!!! Woohoo!! I am so excited for you!! =) I can't seem to find the picture she sent me from the engagement day... I will post it when I can find it!
My eye is tearing up, so I am going to get going. Then it's off to work for me!


Essie said...

Happy Birthday though I am late! I did call you a day early!
I hope your eye gets better Jessi, you do have a thing with hurting it though. Remember when you scratched it that night long ago with the wool blanket? I was so annoyed that you got to get out of bed and stay up later than me:-p And then you wore thast "pirate patch" for the longest time. And then you had your ankle all bandaged up for attention! Wow...the stories I have about you! ;)

Anonymous said...


Jessica Morris said...

Wow!! Who are these horrible people attacking me!?!?! I hope I go blind... just to make you feel guilty!! No,no... just kidding... I don't want to be blind!!

Essie said...

I should tell more...seeing as the only pictures of me from you "2005 Memories" are so tiny you can't even tell it's me!!!;)

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