Who knew?

My husband has multiple personalities.
Sometimes he is Paul, my hero.
Sometimes he is Ugg, a primitive caveman.
Other times he is Billy Joe, a "smooth and sexy" hillbilly.
These personalities are all my fault. I bought him those teeth. Those teeth inspired a creative spark in him that should never have been inspired. Those teeth - four for 88 cents - have provided endless hours (yes, literally, hours) of entertainment for Paul... or Billy Joe. Ugg doesn't know what they are, or what they're for. I am not looking forward to the day that Ugg the caveman becomes Ugg the hillbilly caveman. I would love to hear that voice. Yes, each "person" has their own voice. And their own personality. And, of course, their own set of teeth.

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Essie said...

Paul Paul Paul...You are crazy!

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