This is my new favorite product.

One can only drink so much plain ol' water in a day. I try to drink over a gallon a day, but get bored so easily with just water. This handy dandy packet is lemon flavored powder. It is delicious!
And while I know it's not really very good for you, if you add equal packets of Splenda as True Lemon to your water it is truly amazing.

Drink on folks!


Crystal said...

I like the lime one. I want to try the orange.

But it doesn't have calories. AARRRGGGHHH.

The Rock Chick said...

I've never even seen this! Does it taste like diet food, though, because of the Splenda? I don't like the taste of artificial sweeteners at all.

Amanda said...

You just motivated me to drink more water - thanks!

Jessica Morris said...

Crystal - if you add a sweetener it would have calories!! :)
I've tried the lime one too, but haven't found the orange one yet!

Jessica - you could add any sweetener really. I like Splenda because it makes it taste just like the Dasani lemon flavored water.
I don't taste the artificial sweetener in it... but I'm not really a good one to ask about that ;)

Crystal said...

It's just pure dehydrated lemon/lime/orange juice. No sweetener. It tastes just like squeezing a fresh lemon/lime/orange slice into your water.

They're also great for adding to salads and marinades when you don't have any fresh lemon/lime/orange juice.

Jessica Morris said...

How creepy is this?!? Today in the mail I recieved a sample of the True Orange and a coupon for the product!

The orange one is REALLY good! I am going to look harder for it now! :)

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