My Baby Chicks

Judah is at such a fun age! While he isn't quite at the stage where he's asking to dress up, he lets me dress him up and he gets such a kick out of looking at himself in the mirror, and then also trying to make the animal noise that he's dressed up as.

He's also getting to be more fun at social things. Paul took him out today for his first movie (other than his experiences as an infant where he nursed the entire time!)
They went to see Speed Racer at the Dollar Theater. Paul said he did great for the first hour and a half of the movie - they left before the movie ended as his attention span didn't last any more than that. But I'm impressed he managed for that long! We'll have to look for short movies to take him to from now on :)
Paul and Judah finished their Father & Son date at McDonalds with fries and a milkshake - neither which are things Judah gets very often, so they were a very special treat for him.


Nicole said...

How fun for Paul and Judah to spend a day together! I am surprised he lasted an hour and a half. That is really good for such a young boy! Must have been such a fun day for Paul :o)

Judah is too cute in all his costumes! Wesley is starting to look older already! What a sweetie :o)

Crystal said...

I feel very strange calling some cutie boys "chicks" but umm, cute chicks you got there. :)

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

Judah is just adorable in his costume! I wish my kids would have let me dress them up like that when they were younger, they used to freak out!!! LOL

thanks for sharing!!

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