Money Matters #2

My goal for the month of June was to keep our grocery budget under $300. The grand total spent on groceries and other household incidentals was $309! Not too bad, considering we bought an awful lot more convenience/freezer meals than normal and Paul did a lot of cooking and baking himself while he was off for the three weeks.

I think I will keep the same goal through the month of July and probably through August too, since we didn't actually meet Junes goal (but came so, so close!) and because we have long-term overnight company coming :)
And also because my love has done some of the grocery shopping himself. He's worse (or better?!) than a pregnant woman shopping.

Between the 1st and 4th of July Paul hit up the grocery store THREE times.
Once with me because we were in dire need of fresh stuff. But "fresh stuff" turned into a cart of everything-that-looked-good-to-a-woman-just-off-a-hospital
-food-diet-that-a-man-with-a-kind-heart-could-not -say-no-to. We spent a tad bit more than a regular weekly trip.

Then Paul needed to "go buy yeast" for his bread. He went with Judah and a friend. Somehow that ended up costing a bit more than just the cost of yeast :)
Then *the very next night* he went out (coincidently with the same friend!) to pick up a couple frozen pizzas. Apparently having your appendix removed makes you crave everything you see, similarly to how being pregnant - or nursing - makes you want to buy everything you see. I can't blame the man. I totally understand.
All that to say in one week - well, four days! - "we" managed to spend what "we" normally spend in two weeks worth of grocery shopping.

So we need to get back on track and try to make this budget work. I have the remaining cash in hand, well, in wallet.
The goal for July: get back on track, don't give in to cravings or convenience items and make the grocery/household budget work!


Fire Hunt said...

309 that is very good! I need to do that:)

Bethany said...

I so would love to be able to stick to that kind of budget! Good luck getting back on track.

Bethany said...

I think only $9 over is close enough to count! :-) And I'm an accountant, so there.

Zawi said...

Its nice to be a stickler to budgets. My wife is one too.
Been surfing for blogsites with Life As I See It name and I believe yours is one of the earliest to be established.
Keep it up and running.

The Rock Chick said...

I think you should be commended for keeping your budget at $309 a month! That is just amazing to me!!!

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