Conditional Love

Having my mum here has allowed Paul and I the opportunity to pretend to be carefree Judah free for a few hours at a time. It's not that we don't adore our son and love having him around. We love his contagious laugh and ridiculously odd sense of humor that he gets from his daddy. But it is kind of nice to be able to go out in public without an ugly plastic sippy cup in tow. Or worry about changing monster size (and smelly!) diapers. Or having to keep track of shoe #1 and shoe #2.

We're able to go out together without prior planning or thought. Like today. Paul needed to go out to do some errands. I asked him if I could go along with him, and ten minutes later Baby Mo, Big Mo and I were on our way, while Judah napped at home with my mum there to watch him. I almost feel giddy with excitement that this required no planning and that it happened so quickly.

Part of Paul's errands involved hanging out at a coffee shop with wireless internet. He's got a huge chunk of paper work to get done (is it called paperwork if it's all online forms to fill out!?) Anyways, he has a lot of things to get done, and it is easier to get done away from the distractions of home. So here we sit. Paul on his laptop and me on mine. Wesley is asleep at our feet in his car seat. We have our cups of coffee and the quite buzz of other customers around us.

This is what our dates use to be prior to baby days. We'd spend hours and hours hanging out in coffee shops – talking, playing games, reading and doing stuff online. I thoroughly enjoy it.

Ohh! I just saw my doctor. The one who delivered Wesley that I thoroughly love. I pretended to not see him though. I think meeting up in a coffee shop is a rather awkward place to run into your doctor. At least that kind of doctor. I would much rather think of him as a doctor who lives on the Labor and Delivery floor of the hospital and doesn't have a life. I mean, what kind of conversation would we have if I were to talk to him? I'm not even going to imagine.
I do adore this doctor. But only in the hospital. It's a conditional love I guess.

Anyways. Being carefree Judah free has somehow made us talk about all the important issues in life. Or at least all the issues that we want opinions on. So bloggy friends, there are two things we talked about today that I want y'all to share your thoughts on!

Number one – parenting books! We haven't read any yet, but have both decided we want to read some. Or at least just one. Do you have a favorite parenting book you'd recommend to other parents? Why do you like this book? Yes, I'm asking for a mini-review on the book you recommend : ) Thanks!

Number two – boys gifts. My dad bought my sister and I each a locket when we were born. We want to do something special for the boys, but never did think of anything for Judah, and with Wesley being born we're reminded of the fact that we didn't actually get Judah anything, and now want to buy something for both boys.
We're looking for something nice, of value, and that they can grow to appreciate. Match box cars just won't cut it. And neither will a locket. Any boy-gift ideas?


Rebecca said...

The parenting book I have really liked having is "what to expect the toddler years".
It is divided into sections by age but has a summary of what is under each age. It addresses everything I've ever needed to know more about with my own son and I love it! It's not the kind of book you read cover to cover, more of a quick reference. There's also what to expect the first years but I've never read it.
For a gift a pocket watch might be a nice male alternative to a locket and they can be engraved. At stores where they do engraving they might have more ideas too- they have keepsake type things.

Crystal said...

I have no ideas, but good luck. :)

Jessica said...

I don't have any suggestions, but I HAD to write to say a big AMEN to the weirdness of seeing your.....lady doctor out and about. My OBGYN? He's in my in-laws' Sunday school class, came to my wedding, and signed our wedding frame "Be fruitful and multiply." Yeah. I love him, though, so I wouldn't trade that for anything. He treats me like one of his own daughters, which is wonderful ....but at the same time, it's crazy weird every time he calls me sweetie and kisses me on the cheek. Sounds creepy when I tell about it, but it's not like that......just....you know. Different. Good, but different. I feel like I'm talking in circles.

The Rock Chick said...

I ran into my OBGYN in a Mexican restaurant once. It was awkward at first but the place was packed and they seated us right next to him. It all turned out ok.

I think I read "What to expect in the toddler years" or something like that, but to be honest, having had 4 different toddlers, the best thing to do is to trust your gut. Each kid is so different and even if you do the same things with them, they turn out differently. What works with one will not work with another. Your mommy gut is the best parenting tool you have!

Boys gifts are hard. We didn't really have any baby gifts like that, but I remember a big difference between the girls and my son when it came time for their First Communions. The girls had beautiful dresses and veils to keep and my son had a suit that looked like any other suit. I found a place that made custom neckties and at the bottoms of the tie they stitched his name and the date of the communion so he could have that as a keepsake. The girls still look at their dresses sometimes but my son is very "yeah, whatever" about the tie. I think those gifts and keepsakes are really more of a girl thing.

Meagan said...
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Meagan said...

Ha! try being on the other side of awkward... my dad is a doctor, and back when I was young and he did OB, random people would come up to my innocent, impressionable siblings and me in the grocery store and announce to the world at large "Your dad delivered this baby!"

Yeah thanks, lady. It was a rough childhood.

Jessica Morris said...

Jessica and Meagan - those stories are so funny!! :)

Bethany said...

First boy gifts... There is this old man I know of who had a pocket knife that his Daddy had given him. It was the only thing that he still had from his Daddy and he cherished it greatly. I know, pocket knives are NOT for small boys, but bigger, more responsible boys would think they were great. Just a thought.

My Mom read a book called "Bringing up Boys" and she loved it, but I haven't read any parenting books yet. Bad mommy!

And how awkward would it be if I saw my OBGYN out? Ugh! I couldn't imagine... He's tall, handsome and blue eyed. Just the kind of guy you wouldn't want as your OB. But he's super nice and maybe it wouldn't be as awkward as I think it would.

yoismom said...

I have also heard that "Bringing up Boys" is a great book, but I haven't read it. I should.

For a boy-gift idea...I don't know of how much value it would be, but have you heard of the "Dangerous Book for Boys"? It could be something they use throughout their childhood years, and someday pass on to their own children. That was the first thing that popped in my head :)

~ Da Shiznit ~ said...

I don't have an opinion as far as books go, I read so many and I liked parts of some of them, but not one complete.

As far as boy gifts, bracelets are very popular over here in Texas. They are gold and have a nameplate on them you can have engraved. If you like, I can look for a pic and send it...I've seen many lil boys wearing those around here.

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